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R10 Sprinklers

   This product is R10 series sprinkler. Three different color nozzles bring different flow rates and ranges. The yellow nozzle and green nozzle are 360 degrees, and the brown nozzle is equipped with a reflector. You can choose 360 degrees or 180 degrees by adding a reflector or not.
   This product adopts accurate runner design and injection molding installation process to achieve uniform spraying effect; The unique multiple water outlets make the water flow form a uniform water curtain, and the fine and compact water drops reduce the impact on crops and do not leak out every corner. The cross-section design of wedge-shaped frame maximizes the coverage of water mist.
   This product is made of high-quality anti-aging materials, which ensures the high performance and long service life of the product. It is an irrigation product with high cost performance and moderate price. Ground installation can be used for sprinkler irrigation in greenhouses and greenhouses to realize water and fertilizer utilization.

   It is mostly used in greenhouse sprinkler irrigation, courtyard irrigation, garden nursery irrigation, ground seedling sprinkler irrigation and other fields, as well as flowers, fungi, vegetables, seedlings, medicinal materials and other places that need to control temperature and humidity

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