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Upside down spinner

   Upside down spinner,This product is a micro nozzle with 6mm inner cone interface. This product consists of three parts: nozzle, bracket and rotating nozzle. Different colors of nozzles bring different flow and range,The water spray radius is 3-4.8m.; Accurate runner design and injection molding and installation process achieve uniform spraying effect; The wedge-shaped frame section design maximizes the coverage of water mist.
   This product is made of high-quality anti-aging materials, which ensures the high performance and long service life of the product. It is a cost-effective irrigation product with moderate price.

   The upside-down sprinkler is installed upside down, which can be used for spraying irrigation in greenhouses and greenhouses to realize the utilization of water and fertilizer.When hanging upside down, there is a heavy hammer to keep the nozzle vertically downward to prevent the direction from changing. Anti-dripping valve can be configured to avoid dripping when the system is closed

   This sprinkler has favorable price and easy installation,Upside down installation will not waste excess land area.The irrigation controller we work with can make the irrigation of products more intelligent and greatly reduce the waste of labor cost

   The following figure shows the product details parameter information table:

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