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"Spring rain is as expensive as oil" artificial irrigation and rainwater

Time:2021-05-27   Author:Lemiao Irrigation Equipment

"Spring rain is as expensive as oil" artificial irrigation and rainwater

1. Explanation of "Spring rain is as expensive as oil":
"Spring Rain"
The spring rain is as expensive as oil, and the streets flow all over the place.
The bachelor's degree slipped and laughed at a group of cows.

1) Most crops are sown in spring: because the growth of crops requires light, temperature and moisture, sowing in spring and the subsequent growth periods of summer and autumn have good solar radiation, accumulated temperature and precipitation. Of course, some crops with short growth period and low temperature tolerance can also choose autumn stubble sowing.
2) The germination of most crops requires water: the seeds are dry before being sown into the soil, and the gel state at this time has good resistance to stress and storage; after being put into the soil, it only accepts the moisture to become a sol state, and various enzymes are activated. , In order to germinate, germinate and grow. Of course, sometimes our seed soaking treatment can meet the needs of seeds for water, but the seedlings after germinating and unearthed also need water, especially the low resistance of the seedlings, which is indispensable.
Therefore, spring rain is as expensive as oil.
2. The argument that "artificial irrigation is not as good as rainfall"
Manual irrigation is certainly good. However, irrigation requires the cooperation of water conservancy facilities, such as reservoirs and wells. In many places, there is no money to build water conservancy facilities, or the groundwater level is too low to drill wells, so we have to rain.
3. "The difference between the two"
The question of the difference between artificial irrigation and rainfall is a bit big, here is only a brief answer from the following aspects. First, in terms of consistency with crop growth, irrigation is better. When water is abundant, it is stored in facilities, and water is re-watered when water is lacking. It is not like rain which is impermanent and causes droughts and floods. Second, it is water supply. In terms of methods, different irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and flood irrigation have different effects. For example, drip irrigation forms a sharp triangle in the soil, while sprinkler irrigation does not. Flood irrigation wastes water and degrades the soil, but the rainfall is relatively uniform. Therefore, depending on the method of irrigation, it is better or worse than rainfall. Third, in terms of water quality, the hardness of groundwater in some areas is higher. Elements will precipitate and fail in alkaline environments, but the above problems do not exist in reservoirs, and rainfall does not exist (of course, acid rain is an exception). I haven't studied the irrigated agricultural system personally, so I won't say more. But in general, for field agriculture, lack of water is the main contradiction. Therefore, in the three aspects mentioned above, more attention should be paid to the first aspect. It is precisely because of this that irrigated agriculture is good in general. Yuyu farming.

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