About YuYao LeMiao

Since we succeeded in producing first set of micro sprinkler in 2000, Yuyao Lemiao Irrigation Equipment Factory has been studying and producing water-saving irrigation equipment for 20 years. During these years, we insist on serving our customers with high-quality products. 

All the products we produced have passed the testing and spot checks

by Water-saving Irrigation Equipment Quality Test Center of National water resources ministry. Our products meet the national standards and achieve
an outstanding A-level standard. Several products are patented, which is
authorized by Property Office of the People’s Republic of China.
We won the award of “Well-known Enterprises of Chinese Irrigation Industry” in the first selection of Chinese water-saving irrigation Golden Drip Prize.

The current range of products already covered agricultural field spray, drip irrigation; greenhouses fine, micro irrigation; gardens, roads greening works conservation irrigation; architecture, interior perspective green irrigation; and livestock breeding and special areas such as disinfection of cooling.

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